Consciousness forgets its origin as adulthood approaches. It becomes identified with ego. But this is a miserable state and consciousness knows it only too well. It is also vaguely aware that there’s something better. So it starts to seek.

It looks within but finds only emptiness. Perplexed, it admits that it knows not itself and learns to live with the Emptiness. Then gradually, it recalls; it REMEMBERS that in fact this Emptiness is actually itself. And so it awakens. This awakening is the end of its seeking and …..the beginning of being its true self.

With the knowledge of its true self, consciousness now dissociates from ego without abandoning it. It puts ego in its rightful place, making it only its tool. And with this occupying its rightful place, ego comes alive. It becomes new and fulfils the purpose of its existence.

It is time to give up the dysfunctional caterpillar in you in order to release the versatile butterfly!

Restoration Time!

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A fitting place to start is to bid all guests a warm welcome and a wish for the peace and comfort of the season.

Christmas grabs me like a vice every time it comes! It’s not the food and the gatherings, neither is it the beautiful trees and gay, excited children all of which are enough to make any heart swell with gratitude.

Rather, it’s the inexplicable magic in the air that I feel at no other time of the year. I remember while growing up long ago, my siblings and I grew excited as it’s arrival heralded christmas each year. We took it for granted for the most part, unmindful that most adults around us had lost the ability to perceive it.

I woke up one day seemingly as my same old self only to discover this fact, and to realise that I had myself entered into adulthood. I also discovered that many of my compatriots had not felt any of it even as a child and so had no idea what I meant referring to it.

Struggling to regain it has been a tug of war that is only now being gradually rewarded. The struggle continues…

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